Simple Ways How to Express True Love

Every one is looking for True Love. Being loved and appreciated is a big human need. How we treat others is a litmus test of our spiritual health. Love and giving are inseparable since God is the ultimate “giver,” our pursuit of Godliness is driven by acts of giving. “Love your neighbor” is the universal Golden Rule.

Simple Ways How to Express True Love 1

When I give, I become more embracing and inclusive of the world. I expand my “personal investment portfolio” of the people I’ve helped. Seeing that bit of self in another attaches me emotionally and endears me to them. In this way, the giving actually leads to love.
The biggest beneficiary of kindness is the one performing it. (That’s why parents love their children most of all; it is their greatest investment.) Significantly, the Hebrew word for “give” — hav — is the etymological root of ahava, meaning “love.”

Practically speaking, one becomes a “giver” by focusing on the needs of others: What are they feeling? What are their worries? How can I help?

We should be as concerned with other’s needs as we are with our own.
Kindness is not a function of acceding to someone’s request. Nor is it giving with the (ultimately self-serving) expectation the kindness will be reciprocated.
Rather, “true kindness” means going out of our comfort zone to actively seek opportunities to give with the sole motivation to care for the welfare of others.

“Giving selflessly” is key to establishing True Love

Giving is regarded as a higher level when performed anonymously, as it is not tainted with the motivation of honor-seeking. [One valid reason for not giving anonymously is to help inspire others to give.]
The ultimate ,true act of kindness is one where there is absolutely no expectation of return.

True love is expressed when we show Kindness to others. Consider someone’s needs before ‘self’. In other words, put yourself in their shoes.

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