Is it true that if a person commits suicide, won’t go to heaven?

It is a sad moment losing someone to suicide. Will a person who committed suicide go to heaven!

It is a sad moment losing someone to suicide. Most people who have committed suicide or those with thoughts of wanting to end their lives, are in need of help.

Is it true that if a person commits suicide, won’t go to heaven?
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Instead of Judging them or throwing stones at them, they need comfort, love, and care. Anyone at any moment in life can fall into a depression, develop thoughts of anger, insignificance, feeling unloved, worthless, alone, inferior, unimportant, incompetent, lost, broken and hopelessness. A cloud of negative thoughts can easily overshadow anyone at any moment leading to one wanting to take their lives. It will serve us well, if we first understand whether life is worth living.

Importance of Life

According to the bible, life is extremely precious, and thus one cannot treat matters of life and death lightly. God states clearly in the bible commending us to: “Therefore choose life”.

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live — Deuteronomy 30:19

While we have the power to make a choice, God admonishes us to choose life over death. For that reason, God forbids acts that result in “taking of a life” or that grant the “right to end life.” Until the moment of natural death, every second that one is alive is Immeasurably valuable — not just to yourself, but to the world . The mere fact that you’re still alive today, still breathing, your body and soul still together is reason enough to sustain this union by all means possible, regardless of the presumed “quality-of-life” of the person. For life is of infinite, not relative, value, and mathematically any fraction of infinity must also be infinite.

In the Hands of the Maker

Even if a “sword is hanging over a person’s neck,” and death seems certain, one still must not despair. For just as one knows that God created the world and sustains life upon it, one must also know that God can intervene and spare what seems to be a certain fate.
To put it another way, if God did not wish us to be alive right now, we would immediately cease living. This fact alone demonstrates that He wants us to live. If we (or our loved ones) cannot see a reason to stay alive, it does not mean that God does not. God is truly in control and we should draw great strength, courage, and comfort from this.

Life is Always Worth Living

As mentioned above, You being alive today is not by mistake and is extremely valuable. We may not understand what this means in our terms, but one thing is certain: “quality” has to be measured by more than what we see or understand. And for this we have to turn to the Word of God for guidance.

When God endows a person with life, the person becomes a guardian who must look after his “gift of life.”

According to the bible, we do not “own” ourselves, nor are we free to end life when we want. Life and death have always been, and remain, the realm of God and the Heavenly Court.

Any Suicide Cases in the Bible?

We find three prominent suicide cases in the bible,

1. King Saul’s suicide (I Samuel 31: 4–5) as he feared torture if he were captured by the Philistines and would have died in any event as a result of the torture and he therefore decided to take his own life.

2. Samson’s suicide (Judges 16: 30), where he destroyed himself together with his Philistine tormentors.

3. Judas Iscariot’s suicide (Matthew 27:3–5) after he betrayed Jesus.

The Reality about Suicide

The reality is, very few people of sound mind would be inclined to commit suicide in any event. There are those who commit suicide out of extreme distress and emotional agony. They lose the battle and a will to live. The thing is, we cannot absolutely be sure whether the person who committed suicide was of sound mind or not. The Ultimate judge of a suicide is God alone. It’s left up to The “Knower of All Souls”, The “Giver of Life“, God to know whether this person really had any free choice left in his soul.

You have got Work to do

Instead of sitting in the corner, Judging who goes to heaven and who doesn’t, we should spend that time and energy helping people who are facing life end crises.

Encourage them that there is a light after the tunnel and show them mercy. The decision to Judge who makes it to heaven and who doesn’t is left ONLY to the creator (God). It is not our duty and place to Judge on such matters.

Our duty is to bring hope and reconciliation into the world. Be a light, and agent of Hope, Love, and mercy in your community, workplace, and home. Reach out and help those who are going through tough times. If you know anyone who lost a loved one to suicide, encourage and comfort them.

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