Courage Is The Superpower You Have Been Looking For

Courage Is The Superpower You Have Been Looking For 1

There are many instances when we will lack the ability to control a situation. Some people feel strong when they feel in control. But they feel overwhelmed when they can’t control events.
You always have the ability to control your mental attitude toward what occurs. Courage enables you to maintain an inner sense of empowerment even when you lack the power to control external events.

What is courage

Courage comes in many flavors. In general, courage is defined as the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or adversity. It is staunchness of mind and of will. It is the strength to face opposition and not allow it to stop you. It is the strength to cope with hardship. It is maintaining your dignity when it is difficult to do so.
Courageousness gives you the empowerment of steely determination. It enables you to strive towards noble aspirations.

Courage is a state. You don’t have to be a person who feels brave all the time in order to speak and act with courage. You can be in a joyous state for a few minutes, even if you aren’t always joyous. You can be in a serene state for a while, even if you aren’t always serene. You can be in a centered and balanced state, even if you aren’t always this way. The same applies to courage.
We all have the ability to access a state of courage. At times we might find this easy, and at times it could be difficult. The more times you practice accessing courage, the easier it will become — even in situations where you previously weren’t able to do so.

Your magnificent brain can make mental pictures of how you would like to speak and act. The more times you repeat these pictures, the more ingrained they become. These mental pictures will make it easier for you to follow through in reality. Utilize this gift from the Creator to increase your level of courage.

Courage creates greatness

Courage is the quality of great people. More accurately it is a quality that creates greatness. It is the quality of Abraham who recognized the Creator and was willing to give his life for this awareness.
It is the quality of Moses who approached Pharaoh and told him, “Let my people go.” It is the quality of Mordechai who refused to bow to the wicked Haman; and of Esther who approached King Xerxes on behalf of her people even though she was risking her life.

Courage is the quality, people throughout the ages who were willing to sacrifice everything in order to live a victorious successful life had. It is the quality that will elevate and empower you throughout your life.

Find the bravery

Each and every day look for an opportunity to do an act of courage. Some days this will be easy to find. You might find that the acts of courage that come your way are more than you bargained for.

Other days, you might have to search for something you can say or do that will be an act of courage. The fact that you are seeking courageous opportunities automatically makes you a more courageous person.

Remember, being courageous is a Choice. No situation is exactly like any other situation. Every situation is new. Therefore, even if you haven’t acted with courage in the past, you presently have the capacity to make new choices when new situations arise. We each change all the time, either slightly or considerably. The new situations that arise are always more advanced than at any time in the past when you were faced with a similar situation.

To do list:

  1. Have the fearlessness to ask people for help when you need it.
  2. Have the nerve to say, “I don’t know.”
  3. Have the boldness to ask questions when you don’t understand something.
  4. Have the bravery to push forward even if you might make mistakes.
  5. Have the courage to do the will of our Creator.

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